Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vintage Sewing Table

I found this cute little vintage sewing table (minus the old sewing machine - I wish) for $6.00. I saw it every time I went to the DI for a month and loved it every time I saw it. I finally just went ahead and bought it. I figured I could find something cute to do with it. Plenty of space in the new house. I painted it light sky blue and purchased a new knob for the front and voila! It's super cute, don't you think? My husband thought it turned out pretty good, too, but griped about the color. He didn't think that anyone did things in this color. I guess he hasn't checked out one of my favorite blogs recently. It's called Just Beachy. You can find it at LOVE IT!

This picture looks a little darker blue than it actually is, but I still love it!

I added it to my basement bathroom, since there is plenty of room until we add the bathtub and shower. It works perfectly with my bath set from hob lob. Check that post out at


  1. Oh wow! I love the new color. It's so pretty! Another great job! :)


  2. I love this one white too. I tend to lean to black, you must lean to white. I need to start adding more white. My kids think I paint everything black now.