Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrift Store Finds & Makeovers

This cute little silver-rimmed condiment tray was only $5.00 at DI. One more thing to add to my collection of real silver. It came with three silver plated italian spoons. The whole thing just needs to be shined up and it will look great.

This is the pencil cup that I found at tj maxx. It just needed something to make it pop, so I painted the "S" white.

I've been collecting these little stacking baskets. Every time I see them I grab them up. I have four so far and they all fit perfectly together. I want to put them in the new pantry, I think. Each one was $1.50 or less. I've priced them at wal-mart and they are close to $9.00 each.

This small pitcher was only $1.00 and the two glass caraffes were the same price. These will actually stay in the kitchen because they are glass and the hubby wouldn't dare take them to the garage. At least, I hope so. It has worked so far. Then, there is the four cute glass jars that I'm going to put into my kitchen on the counter. All were under $1.00 each.

The lazy suzan was only $2.00 at the DI. It needed the bottom bolt tightened, because it was lopsided, but it works great now. I painted it black and decopaged the paper cutout onto the top. I want to add some sparkle or silvery paint over the top, but haven't gotten around to that yet.

I found all these fleur-de-lie and other stuff at Hobby Lobby's 80% section. They ranged in price from $1.90-$2.90. I wanted them to go on my mantle above the new fireplace. One was a mirror and I still want to add a silhouette to it, and the other two were gold. I hate gold stuff! So, black spray paint is what they got.

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