Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thrift Store Finds, Cookie Jars & Chalkboard

I saw this picture frame and knew right away that I had to have it. The picture inside is a little odd. I mean, who would hang this in their house? It was only $10.00 so I lugged it home and started painting. I painted the frame the same color as my vintage sewing table. Then, I went to Home Depot and had a piece of MDF cut to the right size to fit the frame ($8.00 aprox.) and a can of chalkboard paint ($5.00 aprox.) and put it all together. My girls love it and they color on it all the time.

I found these glass pitcher's at the DI for $2.50 each. I can't keep any pitcher in my kitchen for long. The plastic ones end up in the garage with my husband and his tile saw and they are ruined and broken before they ever make it back to the kitchen. I was super excited to find these ones. They are NEVER leaving my kitchen and the best part is, they were cheaper then plastic ones from Wal-Mart!

These cute little cookie jars were only a few bucks each at the SAVERS near my sister's house. I can't believe I found these. I painted the wooden tops red and next I think I'll add some black ribbon around the necks, but I'll wait till we are in the new house so I know if they match everything else.

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