Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oldies, but Goodies from Around the House

I was thinking about all the stuff that I have acquired over the last few years, (while putting off actually packing something) and I wanted to show you some of my favorites. The armoire is in my front room and holds my tv, satellite, all our dvds, and madison's v-tech stuff, etc. Keeps everything hidden when people come over. I love it. I bought it at K-Mart a few Christmases back when I worked there for the holidays. It was the only one left and it was on extreme clearance. Lucky for me, they lose things in the back and then try to clean out everything and sell it for cheap. This was $125 on clearance and I had won a $50 gift card for something I had done at work and so it ended up only being about $75 dollars. Yay! It is uber-heavy and it took my husband hours and hours to put together. THEN - My friend who also worked there had bought one for $50.00 a few years prior to that and had never put it together. She was moving and didn't want to move it so I bought it off of her for $50.00. Double Yay!

K-Mart was good to me. I miss the great stuff I got with my discount and clearance watching skills. I got this set of wrought-iron stuff for $50.00 total. It came with the half-table, huge picture frame, gorgeous lamp, and matching picture frame.

I took one of my huge mirrors (K-Mart $50.00) and had a lady sand-blast our name into it. It says Skabelund est. 2002. I like how it turned out.

When I lived in Nevada, I found this little shop that I absolutely loved. They had this cute wrought-iron recipe holder and I got it for $15.00. I use it all the time in my kitchen. Love it.

My parents came to visit last month and I've been begging them to bring my middle school instruments with them. Well, they at least brought one. My old clarinet. It was also my oldest sisters too. It's like 50 years old and I love it to pieces. Can't wait to get it all oiled up and try it out again.

This is the last piece I bought at K-Mart. It's a super cute vanity set that I ended up going clearance and discontinued. It was $200.00 and I used my discount on top of convincing the manager to let me have it for even less because it was the last one. So, long story short, I used a coupon on top of all that and got it for $45.00. It was Madison's Christmas gift. She still uses it everyday to do her hair. I have some plans to add a pink toile skirt to the bottom or something like that, but my sewing machine is packed away and I have never gotten around to it.

I found this cute little wrought-iron wreath holder thingy at the same shop in Nevada for like $8.00.


  1. The clarinet cracked me up. A year or so ago word got out that I played the flute in middle school . . . and gossip translated that to 'Amber plays the flute' and all of the sudden they asked me to play in church!! I thought they were crazy, but the choir director really wanted me to, so I said I'd atleast try. I borrowed a flute and pulled it off . . . barely. They haven't asked again :).

  2. That is hilarious! I don't want it to play, I just wanted to have them around so my kids could play when they got old enough. You so funny!