Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrift Store Finds & Makeovers

I found some great stuff that I just needed to spray paint. Boy, I love to spray paint. The whatchamacallit thingy's that support a bar, finials?, are going into my laundry room so I painted them black to match the desk I'm working on. These only cost me .75 each so eat your heart out!

Then, there are the pillar candles that I found for $1.00 each to add to my collection. They were painted black and so were the salt and pepper shakers. Only the outsides, so yes, I can still use them for food. They were only .50 each.

The little side table we acquired somehow, can't remember, when we were first married and it has been floating around the house for years. I painted it black to match the new reupholstered chair and the cofee table in the front room. Does it look like I paint everything black? I don't really, but that is all I've shown you so far because it is the fastest way to finish a project. I always have a .97 can of spray paint on hand.

There are the completely gaudy gold plant shelfs that I scored for .75 each and I also spray painted them black. I wanted something to put some greenery into at the new house.

The crazy lime-green cabinet door that I found for $2.00 is destined to become a message board. I spray painted it black, no suprise there, and haven't gotten around to actually adding the coarkboard to the center. I think I'll put it above my desk in the kitchen - at the freakin' new house when I move in - if it ever gets done!!!!!?????

I also found this cute little cupcake holder for $2.00. Not sure if I ever will make that many cupcakes cut enough to display, but it will come in handy someday, right?

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  1. Not for cupcakes.......for apples!