Friday, August 7, 2009

Thrift Store Treasures

My sister, Kathy, bought me this great black-colored jar for only a few dollars at the thrift store by her house. Love it! Then, the cute FHE sign with flat nails for pegs I found for only $1.00, too. I love the color already, so no need to change it, but I will have to make some hangers with our names on it.

Okay, complete splurge!!! I found this at the DI by my sister Kathy's house. I spent way more than I normally spend on anything thrifty. It was $40.00, but it is gorgeous and an original Ethan Allen piece. It has two sides that open up for extra storage, stuff, etc. I'm not sure if I will put it at the foot of my bed or at the foot of the stairs at the entryway in my new house. Love it! Stay tuned for the color transformation!

I've been looking for some cute words like this to go in my new house. I found these at TJ MaXX for $3 and $4 dollars. More than I would have liked but they will work perfectly on a shelf above my staircase and the S box will work for my desk in the kitchen.

Holy Crow!! (Twilight fans tribute) I have been wanting to buy a radio flyer wagon for my girls forever and almost did the last few Christmas's, but I can't seem to stomach the $50-80 price tags. I found this beautious creature for $8.00 at the DI by my house. Perfect for rust remover in a can!

Thrift Store Treasures

My parents have been visiting from Oregon for the last few weeks, so I have been in the SLC-area quite a bit and I couldn't resist going into the local Deseret Industries in some of the more affluent neighborhoods there. Love it! I found so many goodies that I had my trunk full everytime I came home.

I found several really nice, super heavy pots that I'm planning to put on the front steps of my new home. Sigh. Someday soon I'll be in it. Also, this super cute bird cage that opens at the top. I keep seeing lots of these in blogland and thought I could try that too.

I found some cute little cans that I want to use as pots in my new kitchen window. It has a place for plants and I want to grown some herbs. We'll just have to see how that goes!? Also, this super amazing SILVER!! gravy boat/thing-y that was only a few dollars. I'm starting a collection of silver pieces.

This booster seat I scored for $2.00. I am soooo sick of my youngest daughter's high chair. It takes up half the kitchen and doesn't fold up in any way! Stupid design. So, I'm going to paint it pink and get that dang high chair out of the way.

We have a spare bedroom in our new house that is blue and I wanted some storage for toys, etc. to go in the built-ins in the closet. These bad boys are heavy duty metal and only $2.00!!

I have some great old picture frames that I found at the thrift shop. I've got tons of empty walls in the new house to fill. Stay tuned to see what I do with them.

Thrift Store Treasures/Great Deals

I found these super cute purple flowers from IKEA for $1.00 that I thought would work perfectly for topiaries. Now I actually have to get down to making them.

I found these cute jars at Tai Pan Trading. I love that place! The glass jar was only $4.94 and the yellow trash can thing-y was $2.94. I thought it would look cute on a tray in my guest bathroom filled with q-tips or something like that.

Okay, so these next jars are for my new kitchen and I couldn't pass them up. They were a little more than I would normally spend on a "thrifty find" but I loved them. The larger one was $5.94 and the smaller one was $4.94. I got both at Tai Pan Trading. As soon as I get into my new house, you'll get to start seeing what I do with these.

Thrift Store Treasures

I have been on a thrifting rampage lately! I've found the best stuff at our local Deseret Industries (Utah's equivilant to Goodwill.) I found this amazing old oil can and my dad told me it was just like the one he used to use back in the 50's. He's been a mechanic for 60+ years. I couldn't pass it up for only $5.00.

Also, these cute tins for only .50 each. I'm collecting all sorts of stuff to fill up my new house. We should finally move in in about three weeks. Finally!

Also, I found these two white, gorgeous lamp shades for only $2.00 each and then this glass apple for $1.00. I have a pear that I thought would look good next to this.

2 year Headache/Fingernail polish accident

Okay, so when Madison was about 3 years old, we got a brand new coffee table to go with our new couches. Yah, that lasted about three months until she decided to get into some fingernail polish and spill on the table. If I were smarter, I would have known not to wipe it up as soon as humanly possible. You're supposed to let it dry completely and then just scrape it off. Duh! So for two years now, we have had this huge spot that the fingernail polish stripped off all of the lacquer and stain. Nick finally got mad enough at me to make me sand the entire thing down. I have tried to stain it three times now, but I am terrible at it. I've stripped it down and am trying to get up the motivation to try again. It's not that easy. There are little strips at both ends and in the middle that go a different way from the rest of the table. Stupid thing! It's a work in progress still!

From Drab to Fab Chair Reupholster #1

I got a set of three chairs from my in-laws, but they were a strange color of green. This is my first attempt at reuphostering anything, so it was a learning experience, to say the least. Not too bad, though. It took me about a month to finish, because I left her sitting in the garage until I finished all the nailhead trim and attached the back. Our dog died in the middle of this project, so I didn't work on it for a while. So, when inspiration struck one day, I started taking this one apart.

6 hours later, my hand was numb and my arm was throbbing, but she had great cushions so I didn't mess with them.

I spray-painted the legs and arms black and she is beautious, if I do say so myself. She could have used a little bit more tightening, but I love her and she is very comfortable to sit in.

The nailhead trim was the hardest part and was hard to keep in a semi-straight line, but I'm glad I stuck it out. I love it. The fabric I got from Hobby Lobby for like $7.99/yd. and the nailhead trim I got from good-old Wal-Mart for about $1.50/package. All in all, she cost me about $25 to do.

Here she is, (not sure why I keep referring to her as HER) next to my two other projects. (More on those later.) When our new house is finally finished, she will go in my front room.