Friday, August 7, 2009

Thrift Store Treasures

My parents have been visiting from Oregon for the last few weeks, so I have been in the SLC-area quite a bit and I couldn't resist going into the local Deseret Industries in some of the more affluent neighborhoods there. Love it! I found so many goodies that I had my trunk full everytime I came home.

I found several really nice, super heavy pots that I'm planning to put on the front steps of my new home. Sigh. Someday soon I'll be in it. Also, this super cute bird cage that opens at the top. I keep seeing lots of these in blogland and thought I could try that too.

I found some cute little cans that I want to use as pots in my new kitchen window. It has a place for plants and I want to grown some herbs. We'll just have to see how that goes!? Also, this super amazing SILVER!! gravy boat/thing-y that was only a few dollars. I'm starting a collection of silver pieces.

This booster seat I scored for $2.00. I am soooo sick of my youngest daughter's high chair. It takes up half the kitchen and doesn't fold up in any way! Stupid design. So, I'm going to paint it pink and get that dang high chair out of the way.

We have a spare bedroom in our new house that is blue and I wanted some storage for toys, etc. to go in the built-ins in the closet. These bad boys are heavy duty metal and only $2.00!!

I have some great old picture frames that I found at the thrift shop. I've got tons of empty walls in the new house to fill. Stay tuned to see what I do with them.

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