Friday, August 7, 2009

2 year Headache/Fingernail polish accident

Okay, so when Madison was about 3 years old, we got a brand new coffee table to go with our new couches. Yah, that lasted about three months until she decided to get into some fingernail polish and spill on the table. If I were smarter, I would have known not to wipe it up as soon as humanly possible. You're supposed to let it dry completely and then just scrape it off. Duh! So for two years now, we have had this huge spot that the fingernail polish stripped off all of the lacquer and stain. Nick finally got mad enough at me to make me sand the entire thing down. I have tried to stain it three times now, but I am terrible at it. I've stripped it down and am trying to get up the motivation to try again. It's not that easy. There are little strips at both ends and in the middle that go a different way from the rest of the table. Stupid thing! It's a work in progress still!

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