Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here's a giveaway for the best Diaper Changer station for you car! It is at Natural Mama's blog. The changing station is by Dipe n Go. Check it out!
Here's a great contest to win $25 gift card to Wholesale Costume Club. Check it out at Dotty Dot Dot.
Here is another great giveaway I found on Frugal Creativity. It is for 5 Custom license plates from Check it out here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here is another awesome blog giveaway from the best blog around...besides It's from the Work-at-Home-Mom Resource Site to win a scentsy warmer and scents.
Another great giveaway is on a site called Our Family Treat for Orglamix Oganic Mineral Makeup. Check them out, too!

Cool Giveaway over at a new blog I found called Yaak Adventures. They are giving away a $45 CSN gift card. Check it out!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I actually got PAID to Shop this morning!

I went to Rite Aid this morning and got $107.64 worth of stuff for FREE!!! Seriously! I'm not kidding. PLUS, they are going to send me $8 in the mail. So, I made $8 for shopping for Free today. Score!

How? What the...?

I'll tell you it's a little time consuming to get yourself organized before you go, but totally worth it. I used coupons, gift cards, rebates and +up rewards. I'll explain:

First, I went to the Rite Aid website and signed up for several free programs that save you a ton! Go here to sign up for the Wellness + program. You'll have to go into the store to get the actual card, but they can activate it right there for you. But do it before you head in because you can print off several coupons that you'll need. When you sign up, you also get a coupon for $5 off of $25 or more purchase. Print several of these.

Then, you need to go here to sign up for the Single Rebates Check program. This is where they send you reward dollars to spend later. It adds up and they have tons of new items and deals to earn them every week.

If you have been to Rite Aid lately or seen their weekly circular, you may have noticed certain products with something called +UP rewards. These are the coupons that print out at the end of you transaction every time you buy one of these products. No need to sign up for this. All you need is to swipe your Wellness+ card to get all the sale prices, etc. that are from that weeks circular.

Also, go here to sign up for some great coupons just by watching some videos (all under 2-3 min.) (I muted them and did other stuff, but if you really want to listen feel free.) Just earn 20 Video Value credits and you get a $5 off of $20 or more purchase. Print this more than once, they come in handy. I think you can also find $5 off of $25 coupons here, too. I can't remember, but I printed several to keep on hand for later.

Then, the last thing you need to do before you can start planning your shopping trip is to go here and download the Pharmacy coupons for $50 in free Gift Cards just for transferring two prescriptions to the Rite Aid Pharmacy. I do this all the time between Walgreen's and Walmart. Usually when you transfer a prescription away from Walgreen's they sen you a coupon for $25 off your prescription if you transfer one back to them. Sneeky, huh? Totally worth it. All you need to do for the Rite Aid $50 (actually two $25 cards, but you get the idea.) is walk in to the pharmacy and hand them the prescription bottles you want transferred and show them your coupon and they'll get it ready for you. When you go to pick them up, you must pay for them right then, and hand them the coupon. Then they will give you the gift cards just like that! The gift cards can be used on anything in the store, except for certain items like tobacco products and alcohol, etc. This deal is only valid if you haven't already redeemed a similar reward with them in the last 6 months.

Here is just one more step to make the most of your shopping trip. Go to free coupon websites like or and print out coupons for the items you plan to buy. I usually will match up the weekly circular deals with the coupons to get them for even cheaper.

Now you have everything you need to start planning your shopping trip. Trust me, you need to plan ahead. Instead of listing all of the amazing deals I got today, I'm going to link you to the queen of couponing and her amazing blog to give you a scenario for using these programs all together to actually make money in some cases. Go here to Utah Deal Diva's website for this specific post.

In order to get the most for your money (or more for their money) you should go to the single check rebates website and check their deals and compare them to the current weeks circular. It's all online and that makes it easy to know exactly what you are looking for when you get there.

One more thing, (I know it's slightly complicated, but totally worth the headache.) when you get home from your shopping trip, you still need to go to the website and enter a couple things from your receipts in order to get the money back in the mail from your rebates. They don't just send them to you automatically either, you have to request them. Don't worry this part is totally super easy. You just have to remember to do it.

Now go out there and get your FREE stuff!