Sunday, October 18, 2009

Slowly decorating the new digs

This is my little girls' bathroom on the top floor of the new house. Yes, we are finally moved in. I picked up this vinyl letter quote from the Scrapbook Expo this year from DCWV (Die Cuts with a View) for $2.50. Love it. I have more that I plan to put around the house, but I have to decorate a little more first so I know where exactly to put them.

I have these amazing shelf's above my staircase and entryway on the main floor, but I've never been very good at decorating without it looking cluttered. Here are just a few of the things that I've actually unpacked and decided to put up there. I'm sure it will change along the way.

I probably showed this to you before, but I can't remember. It was only $8 for the set at DI. I love it.

I found this one on Saturday at the DI for $10. It matches exactly the other round piece I found awhile back. Same brand, etc. It is silver plated, but, hey, I'll take what I can get. I love this.

I've started to decorate the guest bathroom on the main floor. I have to specify, since we have four bathrooms. (I know, poor me.) The purple flower pot I found at Tai Pan Trading for 5.94 and also the olive oil jar for 1.94. I put a vinyl letter "S" on the front and plan to put hand soap in it when I get around to that stuff.

I painted the basket (1.00) for the toilet paper. The white shelf was from hobby lobby at 50% off (4.50) and the pictures I just picked up at wally-world for 3.94 each. The ribbon I just had left over from some wreath that I ripped apart for some project awhile back. I just found the little glass jar that will eventually hold cotton balls for .75.

I finally moved the right couch upstairs to the main floor where it belongs. It is actually the couch I bought for 20.00 from DI and covered it with a couch cover. I like it and it was a lot less than buying a new one for the time being.

I keep debating what to do with this space. It is the entryway behind my front door. I think I'll take the picture down and add a vinyl quote above it instead. "Live, Laugh, Love." What do you think?

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