Thursday, October 29, 2009

Very Easy DIY Plate Hangers

Here is a very easy, very inexpensive way to make plate hangers. This project cost me a total of $4.41 at the Home Depot. Here is a link to the Martha Stewart Living where I originally got the idea and instructions. Mine is a lot more detailed, trust me. But check it out anyway:

Here's what you need:

- 16-18 gauge wire (I actually used fence wire minus one accidental shattering)
- plates to be hung
- needle nose pliers
- wire cutters
- pencil
- measuring tape
- patience (it took me two hours to make them all and hang 11 plates)

Here is what they look like in my home after I finished. Don't mind the not-so-great picture. The awkwardly placed light is another project.

Once you've gathered all of your supplies, Martha tells you to cut two pieces of wire 3" longer than the diameter of the plate to be hung. I found that it was easier to cut an ample length and then trim them down when I had them placed.

Just had to show off my e-bay find. These Bavaria, Germany blue floral china plates. I think the set of 16 cost me around $20.00, if I remember right. Gorgeous!

I chose to hang my plates around the wall that surrounds my dining table. Inspiration struck after weeks of pondering what to do with these walls in my brand new house. Plates, genius!

Next step is to take one piece of wire and twist it so that you have one loop in the middle; this piece is used to attach the plate to the wall.

Next, bend the other piece of wire into a V-shape. Then, slide one end through the loop of the first wire piece. Cross the V wire over so that it is secure (see picture). The V should hang upside down and rest on the bottom of the loop.

Next, make sure that the loop or first wire is resting just under the lip of the plates base. This is vital if you want the rack to stay secure and not come loose. Now, turn the plate over and wrap the ends of the wire around to the front of the plate and trim them to a uniform length. Leave enough wire to twist into a decorative loop. This is where you use your creativity or lack thereof. It can't be done wrong. It is so genius that it still looks good. Trust me, it's Martha.

Okay, so here is the part where you have to be careful. Once you have finished making and attaching the plate to the hanger, make sure that it isn't loose. I got a little zealous around the 10th plate or so and shook a little hard and whoops! Broken china, sob! Now make those wire plate hangers and enjoy!


  1. This is such a great idea and your tutorial is excellent. I had never thought of making my own and yours look so much better than store bought. Thanks so much for sharing your instructions!!

  2. I love your tutorial with pictures. They look beautiful and you can't beat that price!

  3. I wanted more detail, and better photos, than what I found from Martha, and you supplied it! Thanks so much!

  4. I agree with Carol, I needed a little more detail, and here it is! I will be bookmarking you immediately!!

  5. So Awesome! I had seen a great idea and I was so sad because the plate hangers were too expensive for me. You saved the day!

  6. So awesome! I'm so happy I found this. I saw a cute idea and I was so so sad because I really didn't want to purchase the store bought plate hangers- so expensive! Thanks for saving the day!