Monday, November 2, 2009

Amazingly Easy Paper Snowflake Craft

Here is an easy paper craft to do with your kids and for winter decoration around the house. I can't claim credit for this ingenious idea but it was a lady that lives near me who taught it to us at a recent Super Saturday Craft Day. Here is what you need:

Paper - any paper will work. Computer paper is used for the tutorial.
Scissors or Paper Cutter
Tape, Glue, Stapler or any other means to secure paper together. I've actually used hot glue before.

Here is what the final product will look like. I plan to hang them around the windows in my house.

Start with a piece of paper, any size will do, it will just change the size of the finished snowflake. I think that adding a few bigger or smaller to the decor would look great. If your paper is 8.5"x11" cut off the end so that the paper is square.

Next, fold the paper into a triangle.

Then, fold it in half one more time, so that total, you have folded it into a triangle twice.

Here is the tricky part, where you have to get this right or the piece won't work. Take your scissors and cut three long cuts starting from the double folded side running to the single folded side. (The longest edge of the triangle should not have folds at all, just the regular edge of the paper.) Stop your cut about half an inch before you reach the single folded side.

Next, start to unfold the paper triangle once it is cut. Here is what it should look like unfolded just once.

Here is what the paper should look like unfolded completely.

Next, take the smallest two cut triangles on the inside of the paper and secure them together with tape, hot glue, glue, or staples.

Next, turn the whole paper over and take the next largest two triangle cuts and do the same to secure them. Continue turning the paper over until all of them have been secured.

This is what a finished section looks like on its side.

Next we are going to secure several of these sections together. This is what it looks like when they are hooked together. In total, you will need to make six of these sections to complete a snowflake.

Take two sections and lay them next to each other like the photo.

Then secure them together in two spots. This photo shows the lower spot.

And this photo shows the upper spot to secure the sections.

Continue securing all six sections together and this is what you get! Instant snowflakes for your homes winter decor! Enjoy!


  1. Hi Erin.. You are my winner of my give away.. Send me your mailing address and I will get this out to you asap.
    Congrats and Thank you!
    pink daisys

  2. Those are fantastic! I'm bookmarking this so my kids and I can make some for the holidays. Thanks for the great step-by-step!

  3. Lovely! Looks complicated, but your tutorial makes it look easy. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Wow, your blog is full of great tutorials. I am going to have to save this idea for my kids.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. I will be making these with the kiddos.

  6. Thanks for sharing your detailed how-to! What a fun project!

  7. I'm stopping by from j-a-girl. GREAT tutorial! Thanks!

  8. These are gorgeous! Starring these in my google reader for a future want to do craft :) You have a lovely blog here~

  9. One of my students made this a couple of years ago, and I never could figure it out! I just saved this post to help me through it--again! Great idea!

  10. I would love to feature this tutorial on my blog this Tuesday- please email me!!! :)

  11. Awesome! Thank you for the great tutorial! I can't wait to make some! Thanks for adding your creativity to the DIY holiday party too! I love it!


  12. I will be linking this on my blog Tuesday! Feel free to grab my "I was featured" button if you'd like!

  13. I love this snowflake! Great tutorial!

  14. so cool - Can't wait to try it- thanks!

  15. I just found your blog from "somewhat simple". This idea is fantastic! And putting them in the windows will look great. In fact, I have some windows that are in need of some snowflakes... :-)

  16. LOVE IT! I just made one while reading your post for the first time. So simple! Now I just need to make the other 5 and put the whole thing together. I can't wait to experiment with scrapbook paper.
    Great idea! Thanks!

  17. daughter is going to love making this! Simply enchanting!

  18. Love it brought back memories of when I was a young girl making snowflakes, (though mine did not look nothing like these)LOL..Thank you this grandma had fun and enjoyed it very much!!

  19. It's got to be easy if I could follow along. Now I only need five more. Great instructions and photos.

  20. These are FANTASTIC!!!!!! Thank you!

  21. I saw something like this in a fabric shop. They fused two coordinating fabrics together before the cutting/assembling. SO AWESOME!!! THanks!!!!!!!!